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Overtime and work are the two mantras which every people chant nowadays. Everybody takes it to be the most common excuse available to skip events or functions. But, only working people understand how true it is. In Singapore, almost everyone is busy in their lives. However, skipping occasions make you feel depressed and also loosen the bond you have with your people. Good news is online florist Singapore can tighten this loosening knot!

Flowers and florists in Singapore:

How happy you feel when you pass through a road shaded by blossomed trees! The feelings that flowers evoke is inexpressible.

Now, imagine how the person will feel if you send a bouquet to make him feel your presence. No gifts can mitigate your absence as flowers do. In such situation, you will find flowers delivery Singapore service handy.

Can you ship flowers to any occasions? Yes, you can. But can you send any kind of flower to any event? No, you cannot. Neither you can send any kind, nor can you ship inappropriate combinations of gift products.

On which events can you send flowers?

There is no end of occasions in a family. Combining, the personal and cultural; there are numerous. Apart from some occassions, it is actually hard for people to attend all events.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Funeral, Congratulations are some usual occasions where you tend to miss. But flowers delivery Singapore services can ship the items you choose in the desired destinations and on time.

Get-well-soon, Thank you, Office Parties, Engagements, are special occasions where you have to attend, but the choice of gift makes you feel confused. The fact is, gifts are of no use in these events. You can elevate your presence with a bouquet or a basket of hampers and expensive wines.

Special days like; Mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Rose day, Teacher’s day are where flowers suit the best. It conveys the message of love, respect and thoughtfulness.

And now the major cultural festivals are:

  • New year
  • Chinese New Year
  • Dragon Boat
  • Mid-autumn
  • Christmas
  • Easter Day
  • And much more

Here you can add some add-ons along with the floral arrangements from online florist Singapore. It enhances the beauty of the bouquet and also fulfils the demand of your loved ones. Some add-ons are;

  • Teddy bear
  • Soft toys; for kids.
  • Balloons; both helium and non-floating ones.
  • Cakes.
  • Chocolates; from lollipops to box.
  • Heart shaped pillows.
  • Handmade pieces of jewellery; you can choose from bracelets, earrings and necklace.
  • Wine; it can be Brandy, Whisky, red or white wine and also Champagne.

Go and No-Go;

Every add-on will not work for every occasion. So, check out some more details on the same.

  • Blue, white and green flowers go best for Rest-In-Peace ceremonies. Hence, no wine and tonic are favourable.
  • Cakes and teddies along with balloons go best for birthdays of kids; flowers with cakes are the best for adults.
  • Champagne and daisies or orchids can elevate the romance in your date nights. But, Marigolds or yellow carnations can drop it dead.
  • Roses of colours; Red, Pink, Purple with a box of chocolates will make your valentine’s day even more special.
  • Sick people have many restrictions and limitations. Hence, a fruit basket is best for those who are not well.
  • And Hampers and seasonal flowers are there for general purposes.

Hence, you see that how the choice of right colours and type matters for diverse events. You can call them for best wishes, but for shipment, there is florist Singapore.


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