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MedimanageI desired to purchase health insurance policy in India. I was confused as there were so many plans from hordes of insurance companies. More so, each of the plans was stated to be the best. This is when my friend introduced me to this specialty insurance broker. Just a glance at its site and I knew that I had a full-fledged boutique that would advise me on procuring value-for-money deals. I was also happy to find this insurance broker to be licensed and certified. This truly was a specialty insurance boutique that presented me with a formidable assortment of insurance policies, all under its roof. More so, it gave me an insight on each of its insurance policies in a jiffy. Although I wanted a policy provided by the best health insurance company in India, little did I know that the term best was purely relative in form and effect. It is through this viable site that I gathered that the credential of an insurance policy could be ascertained from what suits me the best. This platform gave me flexible options in choosing my policy in case of any emergency. The highlight of this insurance broker was that it had zero tolerance to frauds and mis-selling. All the insurance companies were handpicked to help its clients get the best products.

I browsed through several policies on its site, as I got an optimal option for comparing between the insurance policies. This was one of the sites that did not confuse me with the technical jargons. In fact, it gave me simple understanding to choose my preferred policy from amongst 70 health insurance plans circulating in the market space. I desired for individual and senior citizen policies for my entire family and myself. Purchasing insurance health plans through this insurance broker was the best thing I could do for my family and myself. I liked the manner in which a dedicated Account Manager was appointed to handle each of my policy, and who helped us execute all the follow-ups for claims. The account manager provided by this insurance broker was a one-point contact to get all my queries resolved.

If you desire to buy health insurance that is best suited for you, then it is pertinent that you do so from this purebred insurance broker. This insurance boutique has been instrumental in assisting more than 200 corporate insurances. This insurance broker also demonstrated sufficient know-how to leverage for individual policy claims, as and when required. With the ability to compare amongst several insurance policies, this insurance broker gave me flexible options in choosing my policies, alongside a full-fledged bonus. Besides benefitting from policy renewals, I was able to get Income Tax deductions for the amount paid for the policies.

I got a lot of expertise through its website. It gave me an insight on various policies including the family floater policy that gave me viability in having two family members covered. With its family floater option, I knew I could protect the interests of my family members against all the contingencies pertaining to hospitalization and medical bills. This ISO: 9001:2000 certified insurance boutique has given my family members and me foolproof protection without a doubt.

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