Imagine A Non-Existent Universe

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No one has tangible evidence about the origin of the universe. There are a lot of myths, scientific and religious explanations about the origin of the universe. When you try to learn all those explanations, you are likely to get more confused. In fact, most of the world is torn between accepting the scientific and the religious explanation.

Science is making a lot of tangible inventions today. Basing on other studies that seem to be accurate, for instance in medicine and making both machines and robotics, some people find it easier to believe in what they say. Most of the people would appreciate any explanations to be accompanied with facts. Unfortunately, religion offers so little in terms of facts. Most of their teachings are based on scriptures that were written thousands of years ago.

Being in another era, the digital era for that matter, some individuals will find it hard to believe in scriptures that were written by people they consider had not seen much of civilization. In fact, the present world believes that they are more informed, better equipped thus more superior to their ancestors. As a result, they would easily disapprove findings of many centuries ago. Why would they have to believe in them when science is offering them real time solutions to their current challenges?

That notwithstanding, you cannot overrule religious teachings that easily. Most of the values that people have today are greatly inclined to religion. In fact, the better part of the world still believes in religion and its teachings. This therefore has brought about the biggest source of confusion between those with the two lines of thinking. At the same time, there are veteran scientists who also believe in religion, complicating things even worse. If there are scientists who hold onto the values of religion, why are others trying to disapprove the existence of the universe as explained in religion?

At one time, could the world not exist? Could it be like a machine that can be switched off, thereby doing away with the past and the future? Will there be a point in life when there will be nothing? At least science explains that millions of years ago, there were dinosaurs in the world which became extinct. Borrowing from this line of thinking, does it also mean that everything we know in the universe will at one time become non-existent?

At one time, scientists had predicted the end of the world. They claimed that a massive rock would fall from the skies and burn everything in the world. If this was to happen, does it mean that the universe would have to be re-created or would that mean the end of everything? These questions make a lot of people anxious. Some humans have found it better not to think of them due to the confusion they bring about.

Nonetheless, it is very difficult imagining could the world not exist. In fact, most people hold on to the belief that life will still continue even after they die. People will continue eating as usual, and new inventions will still be launched. Peek through this link to acquire more knowledge on the universe.

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