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Gurinder Bhatti ess visa service is an extremely professional education consultancy in India. An education consultancy plays a very vital role in helping young students to find desirable admission options outside India. Many students dream of getting admission in the best of universities and colleges in the world, but such goals require proper planning and execution. The student, on one hand, needs to put in hard work and dedication into his or her work. On the other hand, every aspiring student must be provided with a proper platform to launch and grab his or her dreams. Although there are many education consultancy firms in business currently, but not every firm is potential enough to aid such students in going abroad for higher studies. A reputed firm like ESS Global has successfully lodged numerous students from India into varsities and colleges of world fame, for many years now.

Services provided at ESS Global!

Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global has many offices all over the country, through which they operate. Students and aspirants can apply for consultancy services either through their offices or through their website. The website is extremely informative as well as user friendly. One can find all the information related to the many courses as well as the colleges that can be applied for, through this agency. Aspirants and students are given a very healthy environment here at ESS Global. Through the one on one counselling sessions that are conducted here, one can aid the student in deciding which courses interest him and bring in good career opportunities. The student is also provided with coaching sessions and IELTS training to make him or her more proficient in English. There are a large number of colleges that the aspirant can apply for. These colleges and universities are in many countries, such as United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Spain, Malaysia, Ireland and Singapore through ESS Global overseas consultancy. The student can choose the college or university that attracts him and apply there with the guidance of Gurinder Bhatti Ess Global education consultancy.

A holistic approach at ESS Global!

Gurinder Bhatti ess global is a trusted name for many students who have used their services and landed themselves in best colleges from around the world. The firm has a number of years with them and they realise the importance of the holistic development of the student to get admission wherever he or she desires. The right guidance is provided here at ESS Global in the form of banking and financial guidance as well as visa application guidance. Such issues might be a matter of concern for many parents and students but with the right guidance that an experienced consultancy must provide, all such hassles can be dealt with easily. Gurinder Bhatti Ess Visa understands the requirement of nurturing the student in an overall manner and hence they have placed thousands of students in colleges and universities overseas.


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