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A diploma in Tourism Management helps in getting a job in some hotel, airport or travel agency. It is a branch of Management and Commerce. The Travel and Tourism industry is offering some lucrative high-pay jobs these days which is attracting a lot of students to pursue studies in these courses. New Zealand, one of the most popular centers for study in the world today, has universities and colleges which offer diploma in tourism management.

Courses:- The program offers courses in the seven or eight subjects from the following- Principles of Tourism, Tourism Marketing, Tourism Management, Tourism Policy Planning, Tourism Event Management, Hospitality Management, Eco Tourism Management, Consumer Behavior and Entrepreneurship. Some of these are compulsory subjects while others are optional.

The program is a full-time one and is usually divided into three semesters.

Things that one can learn if he chooses tourism management and decides to study in New Zealand :-

Diploma in Tourism Management helps one to learn business principles pertaining to travel industry. It helps in gaining expertise to handle matters related to travel and tourism. It also gives an exposure to the world of tourism management and makes the students ready for a job in this field. The sound managerial skills that they develop will prove fruitful for their future career.

Opportunities in Job:-

After the completion of the program, students are eligible to apply for jobs in international tourism offices, travel agencies, reservations, sales and marketing,  organizing and managing of events, tour operating, transport sector and airports, hotels and resorts, heritage institutions which attracts tourists, environment protection agencies service desk, arranging tourism festivals, co-ordination events at the local and national council, operational management at the airport, transport management, tourism destinations policy making, marketing and HR for national or local tourisms and destination branding. There are multiple job opportunities in different fields related to travel and tourism. The students can opt for different posts with decent salaries and huge prospects.  You can also go ahead and start your own Tour and Travels Business.

The Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand offers a course in Tourism Management. There is a one-year program combining seven courses and is meant for students who already have their bachelor degrees earned in some other subject. It acts as a prologue to post graduate courses in tourism management. However, some people go for jobs immediately after completing the course in Diploma in Tourism Management at Auckland Institute of Studies.

The fee that is charged by The Auckland Institute of Studies, New Zealand for the seven courses is NZ$4585. The resource fee is NZ$840. So, a total of NZ$18920 is charged.

Students from other countries also show interest to study abroad in New Zealand. The fee that an international student needs to pay is NZ$18,080 for 7 courses. The Resource Fees charged is NZ$840. So, a total of NZ$18,920 for seven courses is charged.

Other places in New Zealand that offer the degree are Manukau Institute of Technology, PIHMS and a few other institutions.


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