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Playing musical instruments is a great way to relax the mind. Many people have an inclination towards music. There are quite a lot of people who learn music as a hobby. It helps to a great extent to get relief from the stressful life. Any kind of music is good. It all depends on your [...]

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Music is considered to be the second most favorite media activity among the youth today. What influence does music have on people? For most of the teens music is an amazing outlet of personal identity expression and development. Music can help you relax and manage your mood; this in turn would provide you with different [...]

Darbuka – A Percussion Musical Instrument

Have you heard Arabic music? If so, you might be aware that this music is the result of various traditional musical instruments being played by experts. Arab musical instruments are broadly classified into three types as follows: 1. String instruments: This category includes Buzuq, Jawzah, Lotar, Kaman, Qanun, Santur, Rabab and more. 2. Wind instruments: Arghul, [...]