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Online casino bonuses are a strategies used by many casinos as an incentive to pull in more online players. This is becoming a common trend due to an influx in online casinos. Many online casinos are looking for ways to be able to beat the high competition.

With the Casino no deposit bonus you do not need to put in any money before you play but when you win the online casino will still pay your money.

Many players tend to take advantage and abuse this offer a lot, therefore it is usually a onetime offer that comes and goes. This makes it a high risk venture because the online casino uses its own money to do the payouts. Online casino reviews can help you make a wise decision on what promotional offers to choose from.

How it works;

- Download and install the application for the online casino.

- Get the bonus code that will help you when you go for the claim. In some cases you may not need such a code because the money will just be credited directly to your account.

- Register your account with the casino. This is where your winnings will be credited if you win.

- Once the above are done you can go ahead and enjoy playing your game.

Match bonuses

It is the most common form of offered bonus by online casinos. They are mainly favored because it is quite easy to lessen any risks compared to the Casino no deposit bonus.

The one condition on match bonuses is that after playing you will need to pay up some cash in order to receive money. It is usually a matched percentage of the amount you put in.  In some cases you pay the money upfront.

The bonus could vary according to the promotion and offers you get from online casinos.

Weekly or monthly bonuses

These are online casino bonuses that are offered on the basis of a given time period. It can either be weekly or monthly.

They work in the same way as match bonuses. The claims can only be given out in the same agreed bonus time.

High roller bonuses

Just like it is named this caters for the online casino players that commit a large amount of money. They pay out at the rate of 40% to 50% of the total amount deposited.

These are some of the bonuses that are given out in online casinos. Always check out online casino reviews to get to know what is on offer and what would best suit your playing needs

Bonus money is the one offer that has given online based casinos an upper hand in comparison to the old land based casinos offers such as; coupons free food and drinks and in some cases free hotel rooms.

These bonuses are not necessarily free money. There are always wagering requirements to be fulfilled. Read and go through the terms and conditions for the promotional offers.


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