Ever Wanted To Provide Your Patients With Consistent Call Answering? Read This!

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As a doctor, your main objective is the maximum care of your patient. They depend on you for medical guidance and treatment. Your knowledge and expertise can heal them, improve their quality of life or even keep them alive. As such, whenever they reach out to your office, they should get a constructive response. What happens when you are away? Will their phone calls still get answered? To ensure that they do, you can invest in a medical office answering service. This is a service provided by a private company where care coordinators answer patients’ calls on your behalf when you are out of the office. This allows them to keep getting professional care even in your absence. Here is more about the medical answering service and what it can do for you.

Scope of medical office answering services and their capabilities

These service are provided by specialized private companies. These services are tailor-made for medical offices such as:

1.Doctor’s offices
2.Veterinary Offices
3.Weight loss facilities
4.Dentists’ clinics

Why a doctor should hire a medical answering service

All the calls placed to your office are answered

Why should a doctor’s office hire a medical office answering service? Firstly, every call made to your office is answered. As a medical practitioner, you have the option to hire a receptionist to answer your calls or answer them yourself. Unfortunately, neither you nor your receptionist can answer every single call. Moreover, your staff can take breaks, vacations or sick days. During this time, they are unable to answer patients’ calls. This is unprofessional and might cause a loss of business.

To avoid it, you can make use of a medical answering service. They have virtual receptionists who answer all the calls that are placed to your office 24/7/365. Moreover, they also have HIPAA compliant trained call agents who are known as care coordinators. They are always on call to provide you with call answering services. By working according to shift systems, there is always a care coordinator to answer patients’ calls whenever they are placed to your office. This boosts your professionalism as a doctor.

It is more affordable to hire these services than a full time receptionist

It is actually quite expensive to hire a receptionist to answer all the calls that come to your doctor’s office and the staff cost will even be higher if you need your phone answered 24/7. This can be out of your financial range as a doctor with a private practice. An answering service is provided according to your specific business requirements and budget. For example, most private medical office answering service companies will customize the service based on your business needs and budget. It is more affordable to hire a medical call answering service than hire staff.


It is important that all the calls that patients make to your office are answered. This helps by providing them with quality service. Their issues are solved and treatment progresses. When you are not in the office, a medical answering service can take care of them.


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