Spotting a Real Review from a Fake Review

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There are lots of online casinos out there just waiting for a chance to sink their greedy teeth into gullible gamers. In fact, there are entire databases out there with lists of online casinos you should avoid at all cost. Sadly though, sleazy online casino sites pop up more times in a day than the number of people who check into your local pub.

So how to you sift the scams from legitimate sites? Of course you can go with the big names in the business like Paddy Power or Bet 365, but there are times you want to check out different casinos, especially when they offer sweet bonuses.

One true way of finding legitimate online casinos is by reading reviews and lots of them while you are at it. You should be willing to spend half an hour checking up a site before depositing your fiver with them, wouldn’t you?

Reviews reveal all kinds of juicy stuff. The best online casino reviews UK will tell you what to expect when you fire up the site for the very first time. They will even walk you through the registration process with nice pictures, and maybe a video.

Also, they’ll give you the contact information of the casino you’re interested in should you feel the need to ask a real-world representative of the company a couple of questions. However, what you’re really looking for in the review is the real scoop on the casino.

Online Casino Reviews Should Tell You The Real Story About The Casino

Does the review tell you how the casino pays out, or if there are any issues with the payout? Does the review tell you about the bonuses the casino offers its patrons? Does the review go deep enough to check if the bonuses are worth it or not?

If a review is not doing this, most likely the person who wrote it was either too lazy to get the whole story or he is a minion working with the casino to lure you in and take a knife to your wallet.

Where’s the Social Evidence

If the bloke writing the reviews is really doing his job, someone should have noticed it and patted him on the back, digital. A digital pat on the back here refers to someone commenting on their social media feed how a certain review website helped him find a casino by writing an insightful uk online casino reviews.

People don’t have to write about their findings on their social media feeds, they may post the information on a forum. For instance, if you asked a gambling related internet forum where you could find honest online casino reviews members of the forum will offer up some suggestions because they know these sites.

That’s the social proof you should look for when reading a review. If you cannot find any form of social proof, maybe the no one found the review trustworthy enough to share with friends.

So there you have it. The two simple ways to tell if a review is fake or not.


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